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After official registration of the company and signing an agreement of cooperation between Partner Plus and the new client, for regular accounting services, the person that establishes the new entity on the market, as Your responsibility, is at least once in a month to send us, to share with Partner Plus DOOEL Skopje RELEVANT and CORRECT documents. According to the relevance of the documents, we can prepare a so-called handover report on time which will be sent on your official email afterward.
At the end of each month throughout the year, it is necessary to send us on email regarding the amounts of the net salary of each employee and the eventual stoppages in the period.
It is important for our clients to share the information that the complete original documentation is placed in our offices during the whole business year, and after that calendar year and sending the mandatory final statements, we return the well-prepared papers to You, as well the handover report. The company must keep it safe at least in the next 5 (five) years.
In addition, very important information for our associates is the topic about VAT application and in the month when it should be submitted, it is preferable and an obligation for companies to give the whole valid documents so far, till the 10th day of that current month. Considering that, we will be able to do the  booking and checking the reports properly, as well as timely, relevant and with great quality VAT application, which is to be sent to all relevant institutions in the Republic of North Macedonia.
However, if you have any questions or you need any assistance and want to consult with us, Partner Plus is always here for you.
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